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Founder of Change-now

I am passionate about culture, leadership and innovation



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My journey started six years ago when I researched about what makes organisations innovative. Soon I realised that is is all about culture and the individual members of a team. #innovation

It is these teams that are based on trust, trust, ownership and a feedback and learning culture that outperform others that keep themselves busy with internal politics. #psychologicalsafety

New impressions, culture and broadening my horizon brought me to study International Management in Milan (M.Sc. Bocconi university) and Copenhagen (CEMS MIM Copenhagen Business School), My focus was entre- and intrapreneurship and culture. #personalgrowth


Since then I worked in the digital business for a multinational company, creating their first digital strategy blueprint, leading the culture transformation towards a culture based on trust and ownership and spotting growth opportunities for digital and acting as a change agent to spread a digital mindset across the organisation. #culture #digital

I love realising ideas, building up products and scaling organisations. Therefore, I devoted the last seven years to work for the German local organization of IPMA (International Project Management Organization) developing their young professional network, creating new products and talent management. This lead me to being voted as the chair of the global IPMA young professional network. #projectmanagement #leadership