As speaker and coach, I see it as my goal to inspire others to take action and offer insights and tools to get started straight away.

My focus areas are:

- Growth mindset and innovation mindset

- Learning agility

- Navigating change

- Goal setting 

- Resilience

- Self empowerment

- Leadership

- Creating a feedback culture

- Innovation culture and mindset

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Sometimes you need an external inspiration to advance your personal growth.

You can expect scientific research explained in a fun and easy way and tools and exercises that will help you apply everything you have learned during and after the workshop.

I support in the following areas:

- Learning agility

- Growth mindset

- Trust and ownership

- Vulnerability

- Team purpose

- Innovation culture

- Resilience




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Change is omnipresent, we can defend ourselves against it or see it as a chance to apply new ways of working and reach our full potential. The year 2020 has shown us that apart from digitising business, we should also adapt our mindset and ways of working in order to be able to cope with an unpredictable world.

What is the essence of a company's success? The people who enable it. Companies that are very adaptable and innovative usually have a corporate culture based on trust and empowerment. Because inspired and happy employees are more committed, more efficient and more innovative.

The goal of my work is to increase psychological safety, trust, ownership and adaptability through new ways of thinking, structures and tools. and to help the team achieve their personal best. 



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To be able to change our behavior, the first step is to identify underlying beliefs that might hold us back. Understanding the benefits for ourselves and our environment if we change is the first step towards long-lasting and sustainable change. The first pillar focuses on applying new scientifically-proven concepts to train out mindset enabling us to reach our full potential in a VUCA environment. 

Forming new habits requires practice - change is a journey.

The second stage of a transformation journey is designed to offer a variety of tools and mini workshops to equip the participants with ready-to-use tips and insights to translate the newly learned mindset theory into practice. Focus topics are giving and receiving feedback, building trust in a team and exercises to make the the knowledge "stick" and form a new habit. 

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How do concepts remain in our memory? If we hear about it, practice and are able to explain them to others. The last stage is to create accountability for the learned concepts by transforming our participants into change agents. 

Sustainable change and improvements require a community that can self-sustain the new mindset and behaviors.  


Founder of Change-now

I am passionate about culture, leadership and innovation



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My journey started six years ago when I researched about what makes organisations innovative. Soon I realised that is is all about culture and the individual members of a team. #innovation

It is these teams that are based on trust, trust, ownership and a feedback and learning culture that outperform others that keep themselves busy with internal politics. #psychologicalsafety

New impressions, culture and broadening my horizon brought me to study International Management in Milan (M.Sc. Bocconi university) and Copenhagen (CEMS MIM Copenhagen Business School), My focus was entre- and intrapreneurship and culture. #personalgrowth


Since then I worked in the digital business for a multinational company, creating their first digital strategy blueprint, leading the culture transformation towards a culture based on trust and ownership and spotting growth opportunities for digital and acting as a change agent to spread a digital mindset across the organisation. #culture #digital

I love realising ideas, building up products and scaling organisations. Therefore, I devoted the last seven years to work for the German local organization of IPMA (International Project Management Organization) developing their young professional network, creating new products and talent management. This lead me to being voted as the chair of the global IPMA young professional network. #projectmanagement #leadership