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As speaker and mentor, it is my goal to inspire others to take action and offer insights and tools to get started straight away.

My focus areas are centred around the pillars:




and stretch from growth and innovation mindset, navigating change, team resilience, goal setting to modern leadership, feedback and psychological safety. 

Get in touch for details!

Get external inspiration to advance your individual and team's growth.

You can expect scientific research explained in a fun and easy way and tools and exercises that will help you apply everything you have learned in a hands-on safe setting.


Contact me to plan a team offsite with focus on team building and enabling you to become a high performing team.




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Culture Transformation Journeys focus on working through the following stages with your organization and/or team:

AWARENESS - become aware of your existing culture, concepts like mindset, psychological safety and high performing teams and define your North Star for the transformation journey

PRACTICE - hands-on workshops to practice the concepts that you learned about in a safe environment

ROLE MODELLING - empowering you and your leadership team to internalize new behaviors and prepare you to share and curate new behaviors with your team(s)

Take action now and set your team up for success!



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The first pillar focuses on applying new scientifically-proven concepts to train our mindset enabling us to understand the need for change and work towards practicing new behaviors. 

Forming new habits requires practice - change is a journey.

The second stage of a transformation journey is designed to offer a variety of tools and mini workshops to equip the participants with ready-to-use tips and insights to translate the newly learned mindset theory into practice and make it stick. 

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Sustainable change and improvements require a community that can self-sustain the new mindset and behaviors.  



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— Growth mindset journey participant, anonymous

“The workshop process & outcomes blew my mind. This was one of the best thought-through development experiences I had. Fantastic Chiara, you rock!”

— Growth mindset journey participant, anonymous

“Well done, Chiara, for a flawless facilitation and insights of your work. Great learnings and trigger for discussions.”

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— Sebastian Drews, Head of Digital IT adidas (2018)

"Chiara has been leading and executing a crucial people and leadership development roadmap during my time as Head of Digital IT at adidas: The Growth Mindset Journey. She initiated the program to help us drive a culture of confidence, collaboration and creativity within the fastest moving part of the global adidas organisation, Digital.


I have been amazed by how well designed and executed the program was, and have experienced Chiara's exceptional leadership and facilitation skills in more than one occasion. She was able to lead large groups of 30+ leaders with ease and fun, and has received exceptional NPS ratings for all workshops and offline interactions. In contrast to other programs I have experienced, Chiara made things „stick“....she changed the language, behaviour and mindset of our organisation effectively".

I had the pleasure to work with Chiara for over six months; she supported us on our journey becoming a high performing Agile organization in Digital.


On such a journey mindset is one of the most important success criteria. Chiara developed a concept how to transform towards a learning culture (Growth Mindset) and move teams towards a high trust and high ownership set-up. She trained the Digital leadership team across all levels on living the mindset and being a role model within Digital.


Based on Chiara’s knowledge, passion and energy our learning culture is a key lever on our Agile journey.


I can strongly recommend to work with Chiara and would love to have the opportunity to work with her again, especially on people / culture / transformation projects.

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— Thomas Sapper, Senior Director Agile Transformation Team adidas (2018)


Founder of Change-now

I am passionate about culture, leadership and innovation


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My journey started many years ago when I researched about what makes organisations innovative. Soon I realised that is is all about culture and the individual members of a team. #innovation 

It is these teams that are based on trust, trust, ownership and a feedback and learning culture that outperform others that keep themselves busy with internal politics. #psychologicalsafety #trust 

I gathered my learnings and observations from working with multiple customers and my superpower to observe cultural dimensions across teams and how they shape behavior. #culturedesigner #highperformingteams

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